OTD #311 The last day…

It’s not just an Thursday… it’s the last day of November, my favorite month! It’s kind of sad because I made so many good memories in the month, as usual. But I guess that’s alright because that means it’ll be one month closer to November again 😉

Since it is the end, I’d like to take this time and tell you some of my favorite memories.

The first is obviously my birthday! That day was perfect and ended perfectly by stuffing my face with cake, literally… I can’t remember if I told you guys, but the candle situation went wrong and the candles wouldn’t go out and the wax started to drip onto the cake. Although the edges of the cake were ruined, I decided to just live life and dig my hands into the cake and stuff my face with the chocolate goodness! Zach was a little shocked but ended up doing the same with me, haha!!

My second favorite memory is a collection of days and that’s because Zach got off on a lot of holidays this month. Which lead to us having so much quality time, it was great and amazing and wonderful and just stinkin perfect. I love him with all my heart and to have an abundant of days with him made my favorite month even better 🙂

I also did a number of things with my puppy, Tiberius, but it’s cuteness overload, so you’ll have to wait for a puppy post 😉

I hope all of you have a great month and spent everyday with purpose.

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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