OTD #315 Mondays…

Happy Monday, everyone!

Okay, first thing, have you ever made your own slime? If you have, isn’t it great?! I just made my first yesterday and it was so much fun! I made the one using shaving cream, which is the more stretchy one. If you’re on who likes to constantly have something in your hands to keep your nerves down, having a little jar of slime can definitely help.

Enough about slime, haha! Let’s talk about kick starting our week off.

I’ve always had a hard time when it comes to work stuff but dressing the way I really want and having a certain way I start my morning can actually really help out. Another thing that helps is having a space where I can go to every morning and just completely be myself. If you can, have a corner of your room to be it or if you can, a whole room.

Try to be the best you can to achieve what you want in your life, as we all do to the best of our abilities. If you really try, nothing can stop you except for yourself. I know this sounds incredibly cheesy but trying never fails.

Have an amazing Monday and an amazing week!

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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