OTD #317 I cut my hair?!

If you read yesterday’s post, you’d know that I wasn’t feeling the best but don’t fret, I’m 10 times better! In fact, there’s another list of things I want to get done besides the one I already have… Why are lists such a fun thing to do? Do you like them? Personally, even if I don’t get everything done on it, the list makes me want to try and accomplish each task as well as I can.

Also, I cut my hair!!! If you want to see what it looked like and what it is now, check out my instagram @ ChloeAkemi. Ever since I had cut my side bangs this past weekend, I saw what short hair could look like and I couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday, thus I spontaneously cut it last night around 10. And yes, I cut my own hair. I don’t really see the point in paying someone $20+ to just cut some hair off, as I’m not one to get difficult haircuts. I love my short hair! I haven’t had any sort of short hair in about three years, so this change is REALLY nice 🙂

If you want to, check out my insta and tell me if you like it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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