OTD #324 Blogmas: Day 3 Are Christmas colors your thing?

Happy blogmas Day 3! Are you liking these posts? I love that I can have a space set out and talk about only Christmas stuff, haha! Otherwise I feel like I’d be all over the place.

Let’s just get to it, are Christmas colors you? Some people really like them and others dislike them so much. It’s hard for myself sometimes too because clothing is ONLY suitable during the season. Who do you know who can pull off that classic red and black plaid dress other than during December?

Other than it only being December that I can wear them, I actually like them a lot. It’s fun to dress up everyday and experiment with them 🙂

Tell me what your thoughts are and if you do, what are your go to outfits?

As always, Much love,

Chloe <


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