OTD #330 Blogmas: Day 9 Favorite Christmas store treats?

Happy Blogmas Day 9!

We’re back on the topic of food again, haha! Anyways, what are your favorite Christmas store treats?

I’m not sure if it depends where you’re from but growing up we always got a bucket of popcorn with three different types in one. And the bucket is always Christmas themed as well 🙂 This year I got a red one with a cute puppy playing in the snow on it! The best place you know you can always find them is at a Walmart, Target or even a Kmart.

Another treat I like is a way smaller tin version of the popcorn and it has a variety of cookies. These aren’t regular cookies but they’re still really good!

Tell me which one you like! Or if there’s something else you’ve always gotten 🙂

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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