OTD #335 Blogmas: Day 14

Happy Blogmas Day 13!

This isn’t super Christmassy, but I thought I’d talk about it since it’s something I live by through thick and thin.

Kindness. Life can be rough and the people around us aren’t always kind to one another either, which sucks. I believe that the best gift of all is kindness. Imagine if everyone on planet Earth lived in kindness for one day. I bet that there wouldn’t be a single mad person, a terrible thing happening, or any sort of bad oras.

I think that kindness is something they we all need to continuously put out because maybe that’ll be the world someday, though that seems very far fetched to be honest. But there’s no use in not trying:)

If you receive nothing on Christmas, know that you are amazing, beautiful and if there’s anything you want to pursue, trying over and over again is needed and someday you can get there.

Spread kindness and positivity.

As always, much love,

Chloe ❤


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