OTD #212 Is the government hiding too much??

So I kind of wanted to talk about a conspiracy theory that’s talked a lot about but it can be scary depending on who you. And this topic is that the government might be hiding way too much information.

Some wouldn’t pass a single thought on this but maybe they should. There have been countless cases of people mysteriously dying of “natural causes” or “drug overdoses” when in fact it could be the government doing this to stop people from giving away too much information that they shouldn’t. For example, a very popular one is Marilyn Monroe. It was rumored that she and JFK had an affair, which at the time was the United State’s president. If I remember right, it was that Marilyn knew too much about secret government things, to which lead to her death of a drug overdose.

It’s crazy to think that this could possibly be very true. I mean, if the civilian world figured out everything the government was hiding, the people could possibly over through the government just like the futuristic dystopian books and movies we have in our homes.

What do you think? Do you think the government is hiding too much from us? Or do you think they’re doing they’re best? There’s so much more I’d like to talk about but it would go in forever, so if there’s something you’d like to say, definitely comment it down below!

Much love, Chloe ❤


No book review this month, sorry!

Hey reading friends! I’m so sorry to say that there won’t be a book review for the month of August… This month has had a lot of things going on and reading just hasn’t been the best thing to do, as I have more things to do, like writing my book and keeping up with my blog.

But don’t worry, I will for sure, for sure have a review going up next month. And to be honest, I might have two! So look out for those 🙂

Once again, I apologize but get ready for September!!

Much love, Chloe ❤

OTD #211 Curious doesn’t have a tail?!?!

It’s been said that there are things that some people remember a certain way and some don’t remember them that way, AKA mandela effects. The most popular one and where it got it’s name is Nelson Mandela dying while he was in jail. There were and still so many people who thought Nelson Mandela died years ago while he was serving his sentence. It’s hard to think that that but he’s not the only one. Famous rappers, Biggie and Tupac are on the list as well as JonBenet Ramsey and Elvis Presley. These people aren’t for sure like Nelson, but there rumors that they’re seen all around. Some people even think JonBenet is Katy Perry.

I won’t go into depth with others but here are some of the most popular ones everyone has been talking about lately.

The line, “Luke, I am your Father.” from the movie Star Wars is actually, “No, I am your father.”

Some think the peanut butter brand JIF used to be Jiffy.

In the song We are the Champions, at the end some believe that sang, “We are the champions of the world.” When in fact it is just, “We are the champion.”

The famous Froot Loops cereal is actually Fruit loops.

Some people think the Monopoly man had monocle when he actually doesn’t have one.

Curious George does NOT have a tale.

Is it Kit-Kat or Kit Kat? Spoiler, it’s Kit Kat.

Hannibal Lecter says, “Good morning.” Not, “Hello Clarice.”

The evil queen in the Disney animated film says, “Mirror mirror on the wall.” Not, “Magic mirror on the wall.”

I hope you enjoyed these and tell me what you think they are! I’m just saying Curious George has a tail 😉

Much love, Chloe ❤

OTD #210 The Phoenix Lights!

Murders, missing persons, lizard people, remembering something that was never there. All these things actually have a lot more in common than you’d think. These are all, and many more, conspiracy theories. To start it off, I’ll talk the Phoenix aliens that I had mentioned once before not too long ago.

If you follow these post regularly, you basically know my thoughts, but I’ll explain it in short again. It was said by hundreds that they saw lights that looked like nothing they’d seen before. To follow up on that, the Air Force said those lights were “flares”… Yeah, if you’ve seen anything on the Phoenix lights, you would wonder a little too.

After this, three teens went missing. I’m not sure if there were any others, I only know about the specific three. And to be completely honest, it’s still so mind boggling as to how there were no signs of their whereabouts except for the vehicle.

As for the rest of these post this week, these are purely just opinions and opinions alone. I don’t know any truth to them and I wasn’t there for the Phoenix, so how would I know what happened to the kids or if the lights were lights or flares. Please treat these posts kindly and don’t take them too serious, but don’t be afraid to continue the conversation down below 🙂

Much love, Chloe ❤

On The Daily #209

It’s been said in countless magical books, movies, writings, and TV shows. Some people even believe it’s true. Do you know what it is? I know when I say it, you’ll shake your head and think “is she serious right now?”

Love will always be there. No matter what we all think or say, love is there whether it’s from someone else or by yourself. It’s great to love yourself, and don’t think of this in a narcissistic way but more of you are content with yourself.

Love is powerful.

Love has a bigger punch than hate.

Even if you think no one loves, there’s someone.

Always remember this, love is more powerful than anything else you can think of. Spread it, enjoy it, and be it.

Much love, Chloe ❤

On The Daily #208

Are you ready for another puppy update?! Hehe, I know I literally just introduced him but I just wanted to talk a little bit more about him because who wouldn’t want to brag about a new pet?

So his potty training has gotten a lot better but his puppy bladder is still there. What I mean by this is whenever he get’s a little too excited, he tends to pee. Even sometimes after he went to the bathroom a bit before. It kind of sucks because of the clean up but I think I know his signs more now and can tell if he has to go. He’s also pooped once since the last time but that’s kind of my fault because I REALLY know when he has to go. He usually runs up and down the stairs a bunch, but I was having dinner so I couldn’t be bothered, haha!!

I knew having a puppy would be work but I think the biggest problem with this puppy is adopting a pet from a mall. Going there, it seemed like they didn’t really have any contact with people physically. They also just have to go to the bathroom just where they’re sitting. That’s what my biggest issue was with this mall pet store. There were a handful of workers and it seemed like hey really liked the animals but like I said they didn’t have any time face to face and learning to really love. So I guess a lesson learned is to try and buy from the breeder. It didn’t help either that he was there for about five months, so his brain was learning to do the things he saw there.

Next time I think I’ll buy from the breeder or from somewhere the workers at least let the animals outside, some face to face time, and let them not pee and poop where they sleep.

All in all, Tiberius has been better and better the more he’s with us and I can’t wait to grow up with him.

Much love, Chloe ❤

On The Daily #207

I don’t have much of a book update for you all, but I need some more help still. I really really would like to watch or read up on some god and goddess stuffs. I need this because I think it’ll really help me in the long run. I have been finding things to read and watch but I need more, haha! So if you have books, movies, shows, blogs, sites, anything you can think of, PLEASE comment them down below if you’d like to 🙂

As always, much love, Chloe ❤

Life Talk #33

Yes, it’s finally Friday!!! Cue the celebratory music and dance four a few minutes!

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s break down what happened this week, shall we?

Monday, nothing much was happening with the world. In fact nothing too big happened until Thursday in Barcelona… Now, I’m not familiar with what happened, as I didn’t really hear anything about it other than reading a couple headlines saying, “… van crashes into into people…” I can only imagine what this could be and it can’t be good in the slightest. Like I said, I don’t really know anything about it, but I hope nothing tragic happened.

I hope one day the world can be at peace. Just imagine if it were… We wouldn’t need to look at anyone and think any certain thoughts. We could all join together and better the planet. Think of all the things we could do with technology to help this world. Who knows, maybe we could find the cure to cancer if we all worked together. But I don’t think this will ever happen. We’ve grown up for thousands and thousands of years with the thought in our head that someone has to rule us and whoever does, “their people” are more loved and treated better. It’s disgusting that a lot of people think that the color of their skin is better or worse. And it’s such a worthless thing to think about as well. We have so much other stuff to worry about in this world that some people can’t go a day without thinking they hate someone because of their skin color. If you want equality, go do something about it instead of putting a useless tweet to the internet. There have been so many success stories of people who wanted to change something in the world and they did just that. It’s those people you have to look up to constantly and remind yourself that yelling to the world isn’t going to help. Although sometimes it is nice to tell someone off, it’s not worth your time. I guess the worst part about it all is if we ever came to the peace, there’s always someone who wants more and more. Greed can disease the mind without you even seeing it.

Moving on, I hope everyone’s weekend has fun plans, whether that’s sleeping all day, going on a picnic, hanging out with friends or just relaxing. Whatever it may be, I hope it’s great 🙂 For myself, I’m going to relax and pack up for a mini camping trip I’m taking on Monday. Believe it or not, I’ve never really been camping before! I lived in the country almost my whole life and never went camping at all. Well, not what I can remember. So I think this will be super fun to do and it’ll be really nice to get away from everything and escape to my second home, nature.

Well that’s all for now! As always, I hope you all have an amazing day and weekend. And never forget who you are and how you want to be known to this world.

Much love, Chloe ❤

On The Daily #206

How many of you have a collection? It’s interesting to see what types of collections there are. We’ve obviously heard of the outrageous ones with huge collections of Barbie dolls, Hello Kitty, Elvis Presley, and so on and so forth.

As for myself, I’ve had a collection here and there. The one that’s been most relevant in my life is my snowglobe collection. I don’t have any of them with me due to limited space, but there are so many. The most kinds I have are Disney ones because like I’ve said many times before, Disney has always been there with me. A couple of my favorites is this lantern looking one that has a horse, a Winnie the Pooh birthday one, and a Lion King one as well. I feel like these ones are so special to me because they have some sort of big meaning to me, which happens for most people and their collections.

Another one I can think of is from a long time ago, and is was Neopet cards. I’m not sure if they were super popular, but I just knew that I loved them. I probably had 100’s and 100’s… But I kept them nicely in two HUGE binders. I never played the actual game but I really liked looking at the cards for some reason. I guess you could say this was my version on Pokemon. I think I had this collection for about eight years. I didn’t continue this collection because they stopped making and selling the cards but a couple years later they started up again. These cards were really different from the first cards, so I thought that’s why they stopped making and selling those ones as well. Nonetheless, this collection was another that made me really happy.

So, do you have any collections? So you want to start any? Comment it down below and let’s chat about it!

Much love, Chloe ❤

On The Daily #205

Happy hump day, everyone! I hope this Wednesday has been good so far, as it’s almost the end of the week already. Although, it doesn’t feel like it’s already. These past two days have felt like a week in themselves. I don’t know what it is but that’s just what it is. I’ve been trying really hard to keep myself busy with writing but I’ve been feeling really down lately and not even wanting to write. I do try to do other things but they never last. Drawing used to be a favorite of mine but I stopped for a couple of years and I’ve been really self concious about it. And other than that, there’s not much I’m into. And this leads me to what do you think I should try out? I don’t like to go out and do things by myself, so something that’s able to be inside would be nice. I would just like some suggestions  🙂

Much love, Chloe ❤